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Microsoft .NET was revolutionary in the world of software development. In much the same way, SharePoint has radically changed the way we build and deploy solutions to rapidly address changing business needs. However, delivering business solutions based on SharePoint is fundamentally different from using the core .NET Framework.

For the people making the business decision to fund a project, technology isn't about service oriented architecture, protocols, Web services, or patterns.

It's about value.

It's about how quickly you can turn a set of requirements into a functional solution that just works...and easily grows to meet the needs of the business -- in terms of raw performance and scalability as well as addressing new or changing business scenarios -- all while minimizing immediate and long term costs.

Delivering business value in ever shorter timeframes requires a fundamental shift in your approach. Starting with a more powerful, unified infrastructure like SharePoint 2010 is an essential first step, but that alone is not enough.

You have to switch the focus from writing large amounts of custom code to instead leveraging out-of-the-box capabilities in the product. In other words, you have to spend much more time planning and less time building.

However, every business is different and there will always be some level of customization required, even if it is simply a matter of minimal branding to adhere to your company standards.

We can help you plan, customize, and deploy SharePoint 2010 to address your specific needs, whether you are upgrading from a previous version or migrating from another platform.

SharePoint Architecture

Technology Toolbox helps you maximize the business value from your SharePoint investment by planning a robust infrastructure for an end-to-end Web platform that grows with your needs. For example, your immediate requirements may be limited to core Enterprise Content Management capabilities, such as storing documents or publishing Web content, as well as replacing a legacy search engine to index and locate information. After you have addressed these initial scenarios, you anticipate rolling out additional collaboration capabilities such as team sites and My Sites.

We can assist in developing a strategic blueprint for an enterprise-wide SharePoint deployment. A key deliverable of this effort is a roadmap explaining how your SharePoint platform is expected to evolve over time to support additional workloads.

For businesses who have already deployed Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, we can provide similar assistance to create a migration plan for upgrading to SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint Development

If you already have SharePoint deployed in your enterprise and are looking for assistance building custom applications and components specific to your business, Technology Toolbox has extensive experience to help you complete this effort quickly and effectively.

We focus on creating flexible solutions -- with minimal custom code -- that incorporate best practices for both SharePoint and .NET development.

Technology Toolbox also has proven expertise in migrating large amounts of content from legacy platforms to SharePoint. Whether you are looking to migrate a corpus comprised of tens of thousands of documents stored on various file servers, or a large Internet site based on a legacy content management system, we can help expedite your move to SharePoint.

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