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Microsoft SQL Server is the foundation for many enterprise systems, from SharePoint and Team Foundation Server, to ERP, CRM, POS, and inventory management. If your business relies on SQL Server to provide a scalable, reliable, and secure data platform, we can help you extract more value from your mission-critical applications and infrastructure.

Database Performance Tuning and Optimization

Are you experiencing performance issues in your SQL Server deployment and thinking about purchasing new or additional hardware?

We often identify opportunities for improving performance without "throwing more hardware" at the problem. In some cases it makes sense to add hardware to resolve the issue -- in which case we can provide specific recommendations. However, without a thorough understanding of the root cause of your performance issues, you will likely find yourself in the same situation in the very near future.

We can also provide recommendations for optimizing other areas of your enterprise systems to vastly reduce SQL Server workloads.

SQL Server Architecture

Working with your people, we assess your business needs and provide recommendations for an optimal SQL Server architecture, whether you are deploying SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, or a custom application.

If you are looking to upgrade to SQL Server 2008 R2 or consolidate a number of SQL Server instances, we create a roadmap with a migration plan specific to your scenario.

Business Intelligence

Many businesses rely on operational systems that have been in place for years and hold vast amounts of data. Yet these same organizations struggle with extracting useful information from these systems -- often relying on manual processes to gather and analyze the data.

Using the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, we can help you connect people to information in a secure, self-service fashion that minimizes cost and IT management issues. Using familiar tools like Microsoft Excel and SharePoint, business users can create their own reports and easily share their analysis with others.

Technology Toolbox has proven expertise in designing enterprise data warehouses and creating the corresponding processes to extract and transform data from various sources and subsequently load it into the warehouse.

With the enterprise data warehouse in place, we show you how to create flexible dashboards and reporting solutions to quickly extract valuable information to facilitate key business decisions.

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